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Getting A Web Site
Do you really need to pay money to secure web space on which to display your web site. The answer is NO. Free web space is extremely plentiful.

Basically, there a three ways of securing free web space on which to place your web site.

The first of these is with "Free Web Space" providers. However, anyone that's been in business knows there is not such thing as a 'free lunch' so we need to quickly go over the business models these free web space providers are using.

The first group typically justify offering free web space by being able to display banner advertising or pop-up windows from within your web site. In many instances, these measures are extremely intrusive and can detract from the value of your web site. While such intrusive advertising may be acceptable for personal usage only, it's certainly not very professional from a small business point of view. Now we could tell you about special banner busting code which eliminates this intrusive advertising, however that would be unethical and may contravene a sites terms of usage. Therefore, this source of free web space is best left to personal use only.

The second group of free space providers justify their existence by creating a 'warm market'. A try before you buy type approach. They know full well that if a small business begins to see great benefit in having a web site that they are likely to be interested in purchasing some 'bells and whistles" to further enhance their site. Yes, there would be a cost to upgrade, but if a web site is already producing results I think you'd agree that making an investment would be far easier to justify under such circumstances. This then, is one way of getting free space on which to place you web space.

The third source of web space is via you current Internet Service Provider. Typically, when you sign-up with an ISP, you are also given a certain amount of free web space. Typically, this is free of any intrusive banner advertising etc, so can be a potential source of free usable web space.

Our research has uncovered a number of interesting sites which offer free web space. You'll find them listed in the
Resource Centre. Once again, remember to use the forums.

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