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The Small Business e-commerce solution

The main emphasis of this site is to show you what you can do on a limited budget In fact, a "small business" budget. I must be honest, we never set out with the intention of establishing such a site. I was convinced that somewhere "out there" a corporate entity would have identified the specific needs of small business operators and provided a site with the appropriate resources etc. Unfortunately, while working on a totally unrelated internet project, we discovered that there was a terrible shortage of such sites. In fact, we couldn't find any that we considered focused on the specific needs of 'everyday' small businesses. The sites that do exist for "Small" business, require a bulging bank account before they can do anything for you. This is totally wrong and particularly so now that we know there are plenty of
cost effective alternatives.

During our own research, we had uncovered a huge amount of information which we felt could be of great benefit to our readers. However, delivering such information presented a number of challenges. The only viable solution was to incorporate what we had uncovered into a web site of which you're now browsing. We are not internet 'experts'. In fact, I personally have little regard for anyone that claims to be one. I honestly believe that many have deliberately kept the small business community in the dark. Quiet simply, this has allowed them to take thousands of dollars from unsuspecting small business owners. They have preyed on their lack of knowledge by baffling them with BULL***T rather than dazzling them with BRILLIANCE. Yes, this is a harsh view. However, my role as a small business editor puts me in a position of having heard some very disturbing stories - particularly from our readers. You'll never see these stories published in the mainstream media. Why? Because these same publications are reliant on major advertising revenue derived from the same entities preying on small businesses.

Rather than focusing on the negatives, the singular intention throughout this site is to provide you with appropriate information so that you can make an informed decision. Then, when you're approached by a so called "expert" you can let them have both barrels, so to speak

They say that knowledge is power, and at the moment this is certainly true of the internet. In removing this knowledge barrier, I'd like to think that you'll be in a much better position to only adopt 'cost effective' internet technology which 'compliments' YOUR existing small business activities. You can tell the "experts" where to put all their 'bells and whistles'.

Once again, the
forums should be your first port of call.

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