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A good way to find someone who could assist you in establishing and maintaining your web site is by requesting a quote. Simply enter your request for what you'd like to achieve and wait for someone to contact you with details on what they can do for you.
This database is actually promoted within the Web Site Publishers network so you don't have to worry about dealing with any expensive design or internet 'experts'.

IMPORTANT. We do not guarantee the work of any individuals who respond to your request. We do expect you to carry out the appropriate checks. That means looking at other sites they've created and even having a chat to the owners of such sites. There is no easy way around this. Even if you are dealing with design 'experts', we'd still provide the same warning and advice. If you where to experience any problems, we'd certainly appreciate being notified so that the issue can be resolved.

You and you alone have total control over your listing in this database. You can modify or delete your request at anytime using your chosen User ID and Password.

We would appreciate the removal of your listing after you have successfully located someone to assist with your web site. This will ensure nobody wastes any time in following up on obsolete listings.

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