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About AAA Media Network
AAA Media Network is an independent publishing business. The first publication "Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities" magazine was released in 1991 - during the recession we just had to have. Since then, its become the number one opportunities based magazine providing information on an extremely wide range of business ventures. In that time others have come and gone, so I'd like to think that our understanding of business fundamentals is very strong.

In June 1998, AAA Media Network released its second publication "Small Business & Home-Based Income" magazine in response to a growing demand from our existing readership. It was impossible to combine the content covered by SB&HBI into AB&MMO so a separate publication was specifically formulated to address all the issues which readers had express an interest in. Since then, it's achieved a strong following of readers who are particularly interested in getting the most from their own small business ventures.

The very nature of "Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities" magazine brought us into direct contact with the internet back in 1994. Back then, it was call the "Information Superhighway" which I must admit sounds pretty stale in comparison with the Jargon the internet "experts" use today. However, the essence of this technology remains unchanged. About all that has changed is the format and speed at which information can be delivered to web site visitors. This is an important point to keep in mind. The fundamental role of internet technology is the ability to deliver information as either text, sound or graphics - usually a combination of text and graphics.

By late 1996, enough of our readers had connected to the internet for us to justify diverting resources into fully implementing this technology into our existing business activities. I will admit that from our point of view, it's been a very steep learning curve. But that was our decision. We've been prepared to delve into areas that would be considered far too technical for most. Why? So that we had a complete understanding of how and why this technology works and how it can be utilised in ANY small business. We are no longer reliant on what the "experts" say. We now have an excellent understanding of what can and can't be done and the "TRUE" costs of using this technology.

The end result of all this learning and discovery now allows us to convey not only the reasons why ALL small businesses can benefit by establishing a web site, but also how it can be done costs effectively. That's what "The Small Business Network" is all about.

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